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Whitecaps Teams and Players from the past

Tim Delaney - Whitecap 2008 - 2013

Whitecaps salute from Tim's Dad.

Hi Mike,

Thought I would give you a little update on Tim. As you know he went to John Carroll and is now a senior. He has continued to play soccer under Hector and is playing center mid.   He is captain this year and loving it. I wanted to thank you for all you taught him, he 
loved you as a coach and still mentions you when we talk about a game and how you coach differently. His academics have been wonderful and the school was a great choice. He did an internship at Goodyear and was hired before he started his senior year. I know that you tell the players that grades matter and they sure do. Most of his tuition was paid from an 
academic scholarship. I want you to know that he has turned out to be a great young man and that you were part that. I hope all is well and hope to run into you in the future. The Whitecaps were a great choice for Tim,


Bill Delaney
October 11, 2016