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Booster Club Elected Officers

Angie Lane

Angie Lane

Booster Club President

Presidential Duties

Serve as a member on the Board of Directors for a two year term.

  1. Responsible for and oversees all fundraising activities.
  2. Compensation for the office is 10% of the annual profits raised paid by the Booster Club and will be paid from the Booster’s budget.  Compensation will be in the form of payment toward Cleveland Whitecaps soccer tuition.  Compensation will be dispersed after each fundraiser and only after all accounts are settled.
  3. Attend all Managers meetings and annual members meeting.
  4. Supervise and delegate the activities of all the other officers.
  5. Prepare, update as necessary, a file / booklet pertaining to all activities of the officers for the purpose of passing down to successors.
  6. One of three signers on Booster Club bank account.
  7. Plan Booster Club meetings for Board as well as general membership.
  8. Encourage and promote membership participation.
Rebekah Thompson

Rebekah Thompson

Booster Club Vice President

Duties of the Vice President

  1. Serve as a member on the Board of Directors for a one year term.
  2. Assist President in delegating and overseeing all fundraising activities.
  3. In the absence of the President, or in the event of a vacancy, the VP will perform the duties of the President, and have the power and authority of, and receive the commissions as the President.
  4. VP will be compensated $150 tuition credit per year from Booster Budget.
  5. Attend Booster Club meetings and Annual members meeting.
  6. Responsible for the organizing the Booster Club Nominations and voting process for succeeding officers.  Elections to be held during the spring at a date determined by the Board.
  7. Promote all Booster Club Activities and encourage Full membership participation.
  8. Complete and keep membership database for the club.
Jessica Darby

Jessica Darby

Booster Club Secretary

Duties of the Secretary

  1.  Serve as a member on the Board of Directors for a one year term.
  2. Generate informational reports of all of the Booster Activities to be dispersed to each manager at the monthly managers meeting. 
  3. Maintain and manage the Booster Club content of the Whitecaps Web site.
  4. Main liaison for all Booster Club publications.
  5. Certify and keep available a current, updated copy of these Bylaws.  
  6. Responsible for amending and updating the Bylaws and keeping a copy on the website for general membership benefit.
  7. With the cooperation of the President, notify Board members and general membership of all upcoming meetings and or events. 
  8. Generate Booster Club article/s for the Wave on a quarterly basis.
  9. Promote all Booster Club activities, and encourage full membership participation.
  10. Attend all managers meetings and generate minutes to be dispersed to the general membership not later than 2 days following such meetings.
  11. The Secretary will be compensated $150 per session served to be paid by the Cleveland Whitecaps as a credit toward session tuition.

Fabiola Siciliano

Booster Club Treasurer

Phone: 216-875-3008

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Serve as a member on the Board of Directors for a period of two years.
  2. Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds and securities in the name of the Cleveland Whitecaps Booster Club.
  3. Deposit and or withdraw any Booster Club funds in the bank selected by the Executive Board, currently Fifth Third Bank.
  4. Receive, and give receipts for any donations made to the organization.
  5. Collect receipts and or reports for reimbursements of any authorized expenditures and disperse and or pay such funds.
  6. Present a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance sheet, along with bank statement copies at each managers meeting. 
  7. Attend all Booster Club and Annual membership meetings.  Attendance at managers’ meeting is not required if the President or Secretary have the reports on hand to disperse to managers.
  8. Keep all accounting activities on a computerized accounting package such as QuickBooks.
  9. At year end, submit financial books to President for audit.
  10. Make disbursements as authorized by the Board.  All Dispersements require two signatures.  There are three signers available:  President, Treasurer, and Grace Sweeney.
  11. Plan and disperse the Annual Forecasted Budget and Actual Budget for the Booster Club at the first meeting in the fall.     
  12. Submit required papers and forms to Accountant for tax purposes.
  13. Prepare, update as necessary, a procedure book pertaining to the office for the purpose of passing on to the successor.
  14. The Treasurer will be compensated $150 per session served in the form of Whitecaps Tuition credit to be paid by the Whitecaps Booster Club.
  15. Booster Treasurer must be bonded and insured, cost to be incurred by Booster Budget.

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